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What an experience! Great wines, great food, great hospitality. Thanks a lot for a real tasteful weekend!.

Great hosts, very flexible in adjusting the program throughout the tour, small group made it the perfect experience.

Best wine tour that I have taken, Christal (Sommelier) is very knowledgeable of the region's wines and what foods to pair the wines with. We had a great time and highly recommend this experience to anyone who loves wine.


Curated Wines

Our Experts have hand selected some of the most interesting wines from some of the best boutique wineries in Italy and France. Like you, these wines are unique and full of a rich history.

Wine Events

Come join us as we travel across Europe. You will see where some of the world's best wines are made, learn how they are made, and meet the people that make them.

Wine Education

Every bottle of wine tells a story. Where is it from? What type of grapes were used? What was the weather like that season? Each season's crop gives the wine maker a pallet of flavours with which to work. We will teach you the language of wines in a clear, holistic, and fun way.

Boutique Wines

Boutique wine is about more than just limited production, it is about about passion. Our boutique wines are made by skilled wine makers that know every vine, understand every grape, and use each harvest to create a truly unique wine.

We've travelled throughout Europe to find and partner with some the of most talented and passionate wine makers in the region. For them wine making isn't a just business, it is a passion, and that is why we have chosen to to showcase their wines here.

Wine List

Bordeaux Blanc Catherine Lucas

Bordeaux Superieur Chateau La Peyrere Du Tertre Cuvee Jean

La Riviera Clairet

Chateau Les Roques Cuvee Elegance

Chateau Saint Ignan Bordeaux Superieur

Chateau Saint Ignan Bordeaux Blanc

Chateau Saint Ignan Bordeaux Rose

Il Paradiso di Frassina 12 UVE

Il Paradiso di Frassina Rosso

Il Cocco Brunato

Il Cocco Rosso

Il Cocco Brunello

Cava d'Onice Rosso

Cava d'Onice Brunello

Colombaio Brunello

Blanc de Rocques

Catherine Lucas

Chateau de Gobineau Bordeaux Blanc

Chateau Pey la Tour Reserve du Chateau Bordeaux Superieur

Chateau Roc Bruil Grand Vin de Bordeaux

Cremant de Bordeaux

Subtile Rose Vin de France

Our Events

Past Events

Our Next Events

We are proud to announce the dates for our Autumn 2015 wine events.

Join us on a tour through southern Tuscany, taste Italian wines and local cuisine. Our goal is to show you a unique Tuscany Experience.

Oct 1st - Oct 4th
Oct 16th - Oct 19th
Oct 19th - Oct 25th
Nov 4th - Nov 9th

More Coming Soon!